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The Blair Fraley Thrift Store is the largest resale shop in the High Country. Operated by The Crossnore School, the store offers treasures to locals and visitors alike. Generous friends donate quality new and used goods that are used by children in care, or sold at the store, with income going toward the Crossnore School operating budget.

Historically, the local Crossnore School offered children only elementary studies. To continue their education, children had to leave home. At first, Dr. Mary Martin Sloop asked some of her friends and relatives to send clothing that could be used by the children when they went away to school. One friend, who had recently been through a period of mourning, sent a trunk full of somber black clothes-hardly suitable for a child on the way to school. Dr. Sloop hung a few black dresses on an outside railing and they quickly caught the eye of some of the mountain women who came to see the doctor. They offered to buy the dresses, and gave birth to the idea of the Second Hand Sale, operated for years by Aunt Pop and Uncle Gilmer Johnson. That weekly sale grew into an ongoing secondhand store that has become a busy emporium and important source of income for Crossnore School.

blairArticles sold at the Thrift Store come from every corner of the nation. The current large, beautiful sales store is named for Blair Fraley, the young daughter of trustee John and Guyann Fraley who died in a bicycle accident. The sale and importance of second hand items has come a long way from humble roots as a weekly sale from Dr. Sloop's front porch. Used clothing and other items donated to the school that cannot be used immediately by the children are sold to area residents at very reasonable prices and the proceeds benefit children in our care.


The Blair Fraley Sales Store accepts any and all new or previously owned clothing, household furniture, jewelry, books and miscellaneous items in good condition. Please pack items in boxes or good sturdy bags. Please-no clothes hangers. We accept all kinds of working appliances-big and small. Unfortunately we cannot use or sell any broken appliances. We do not have the space or manpower to repair items. If you will be delivering a large donation (van or pickup load), please call ahead so we can be ready when you arrive to lend a hand unloading.

blair fraleyPick-up?

We can only pick up furniture, household items, appliances and new items if they are within 100 miles of Crossnore. To schedule a pick-up, call 800-374-4228 or locally 828-733-4228. Address packages to:

Blair Fraley Sales Store c/o The Crossnore School
100 DAR Drive
Crossnore, NC 28616

All gifts to The Crossnore School are tax deductible and will be acknowledged. Donor is required to estimate the value or weight of donation for tax purposes or credit.

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